iTop twist iPad Air floorstand by ProCtrl
iTop twist iPad Air floorstand by ProCtrliTop twist iPad Air floorstand by ProCtrl
iTop twist iPad Air floorstand by ProCtrl

iTop twist Air Floor Stand
Tablet enclosure for Apple iPad Air/Air2

itop ipad floor stand with rotation head and anti theft lock for ipad2

/iTop-Twist-Secure-iPad2-new-iPad3-Floor-stand iTop-Twist-Secure-iPad2-new-iPad3-Floor-stand iTop-Twist-Secure-iPad2-new-iPad3-Floor-stand

iTop Floor Stand Aluminum
Tablet enclosure for Apple iPad 2/3/4



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iTop Floor Stand Aluminum
for the North American market only

The iTop secure iPad Floor Stand in combination with the iPad  is ideal for product presentations at service desks, retail, hotel receptions, showrooms and expos.

Product details
Durable high quality Floor Stand  with integrated docking for the Apple iPad connector and cable. Its frame is constructed out of aluminum. The top is made of a very though solid surface composite (Corian). The top is 90 degrees rotatable to allow for either portrait or landscape presentations. Futhermore the Ttp has an anti theft lock system to secure the top and iPad to the frame. A sound port is integrated and a reset option for the iPad while in the holder. Also the headphone connection of the iPad is


- Semi matt white Corian iPad holder
- Anodized high quality aluminum

 - Integrated docking (connector and cable)
- 0/90 degrees rotatable

 - Anti theft device (lock or screw)
- Optional home button block available
- Easy assembly (tools included)
- Worldwide shipping

 - Fully compliant ADA 2010 requirements
- Headphone access

 - Made in the USA

 for Apple iPad 2/3/4.


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home button available

home button covered

What our customers say :
"Exceptionaly well built - like a tank", "It looks even better in person", "Wish I found this earlier", "Best iPad Stand around", "If anything, your product is over-engineered", "Premium design, quality and customer service", "We love the clean design"

iPad holder with or  without home button cover?

Important News

The iTop Twist is available in two hardware versions: with the home button covered or open. Since the new software update IOS 6 (by Apple September 19th 2012) you can cover the home button inside the software. Starting from now on you only have to order the open cover model.

Base (length x width) 334 x 334 mm (13.1 x 13. 1 inch)
Height 1135 mm (44.68 inch)
Material Aluminum / Corian
Box dimension 1030 x 455 x 65 mm
ADA 2010
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Corian is the brand name for a solid surface material created by DuPont. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate. Due to its non-porous quality, Corian is approved for use in specialized environments, such as laboratories and hospitals.  More about Corian here

arrow-right.jpg 2010 ADA Standards compliant

The iTop Twist iPad stands are compliant with the Americans Disabilities Act through the 2010 ADA standards for accessible design as published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2010 . These final rules will go in effect on March 15, 2011. You can find a link to the ADA2010 Standards here.